FAYJU Frog box Xmas FREE iPhone app

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Its been a while since Frog box was updated, it has been on my list for a while. Hal did a great job making a room for santa and we pulled some of those assets into frogbox for this release. The major update being that all there are lots of moveable objects. This is really a testament to how well unity is progressing as a software, this would not have been possible with previous versions. I am used to seeing technological progression aid performance being that I have spent most of my dev career building for the web and as the computers gained more power you also gain more dev options. What’s great about unity is the device (iPhone) hasn’t changed but the performance has.
Any way aside from all that Frog box is just a bit of fun and its free, so download it and chuck a frog about a bit … and for a limited time chuck Santa about a bit too.

grab2 frogxmas

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