Archive of online games that I built over the years.

Lumix world golf

Straight after HeliPopter and the creation of a physics level creator for Box 2D, I teamed up with Dave to enhance the editor. I took box 2d into papervision so we could have a 3d golf game and dave did a great job extending the editor for this purpose also making it more manageable. This was a successful collaboration.We used the editor to create the terrains and organize colliders etc. Detecting the surface was done by raycasting down to the tris in the floor and horizontal movement was controlled by box 2d. Hals amazing low poly models give the game a special quality.

Halifax helipopter

The last project using my own 3d engine(the helicopter and menus) before switching to papervision, but also the first time I used Box 2d. I got carried away with this game and basically constructed an editor to control box 2d objects. Not my first editor for a game but certainly the most interesting. 2d Physics lends itself well to editing systems. Seeing how awesome box 2d was is what led me to switch to papervision for 3d. The editor was successful and evolved to be the foundation of many inbox projects subsequently some small projects some larger. And was extended by other team members.For helipopter lots of people had a hand in making levels and thats when game dev really starts getting interesting. Given more time i would love to have been able to make the editor available online so it could be completely UGC.

The saint

Stickman doom was the catch line on this game. It was great fun to build. another game that would work well as a flash game today. The maps were all created dynamically from pixel maps where different colors represented different objects etc in the space. All the collision was doen within this same pixel map.

Corel’s Balloon Racer

20 level physics game I built. Built with the physics editor . Although the plan was to make 20 levels with generic assets within the editing system i constructed I ended up having to design each level in a bespoke way to suit the clients desires. Came together well, Interface created by Ed and Ant, level assets by Hal.

Alienware hyperblast

this is when we jumped head first into Actionscript 3.0. Dave built the interface for the game while I constructed my own 3d engine. Despite suggestions to try paper vision i was stubborn enough to create my own. after many late nights i was happy with my engine, but i never felt completely happy with this game because i felt i spent more time on the engine and not enough time refining the game play. ran out of time but it served well as a great way to adopt as3.

Lumix templeofzoom

Not my first game built from an editor at Inbox but this one was certainly successful in proving that if you can get other people involved in creating the levels for a game they will always shock you as to what the possibilities of your own engine are. I built the editor primarily for me to create the levels quicker, but I was building levels fairly conservatively… enter Smalley who with a fresh head definitely put together the best levels for this game. I am kind of fond of it as one of my last AS2 projects and its nostalgic to play and it always astounds me how a few years later your old games run brilliantly on your new machine.

Dodge caliberdash

Flash 7 3D driving game based on outrun. Sam and I came up with a great system for creating level assets, I then created splines in max and converted them to strings in lingo to create definitions for the track. Thr game would work out where it was on the spline and render 10 -12 segements ahead of its current position. Although Hyperblast was a far greater technical achievement I still prefer playing this one, maybe because its more like the classics.

Vicks diarydefender

I really don’t think you can ever make too many side scrolling shooters. I wish I had the opportunity to make more. I love this one and enjoyed building it I wish i had had AS3 at the time because i would have gone nuts on it.

Stan James vivalavolley

I picked this project up from Nat to do the ball movement, and wasn’t particularly interested in it to begin with but actually it turned out to be quite good fun.

Lumix gyrorunner

I always try and bring a bit of 3d into everything I do. Happily here I drew the sphere by representing bezier coordinates in 3d and drawing the vector lines between them in 2D. Would like to try this again in AS3 enhanced with Away3d.

Santa’s speedy golf

Using the editing system that Dave and I created for Lumix World Golf Hal constructed a set of levels which we packaged together into a game in a “speedy fashion”

The Magnificent S7

Papervision driven quick fire shooter to represent a quick draw camera. You could upload a photo to appear on the wanted board. Models created by Hal, This was a quick turn around project, despite the late nights i still wanted to take papervision down an avenue I had not explored to that point. It came down to texture detection on models to splat paint and detect enemy hits.

Gamenet snowparty

Goodbye Director Shockwave. Snowparty plugged into nebulae server and had a short run of success. Completely enjoyed working on it. Down sides are that I should have built it in unity. It had a lot of potential but it never really made it there, as a multiuser shockwave game I think i prefered Karz that I made in 2000. Multiuser is no longer available but single player still exists.

Fiat pandaracer

Of the 3 racing games I built in shockwave (Jez on models) in this year this was the first and the driving engine was upgraded 3 times as the other games were built. The launch was severely delayed on the project, which allowed me to enhance it as i developed Jeep and Avenger

Dodge avengergame

Rain, tyre tracks, car control, cartoon smashes, a helicopter you can fly, a ghost of a car you can chase and collide with. It was a big project but i enjoyed this one If only every game was this much fun to build. Certainly a game that gives my find memories of working with lingo and Director.

Jeep big adventure

We spent quite a bit of time on this one and it was fun. The driving engine really evolved here. Thanks Jeep! At this point I was actually right behind shockwave, this was about a year before they let every one down with 11.5. Actually there was quite a long period of shockwave games at Inbox during this time.

Kswiss street kiter

This game is no longer live but probably one of the best games i have built (from a developer point of view) It used havok so wouldn’t work too well these days any way. The street was constantly moving like water and you are pulled down the street on the end of a “street kite” there were physics driven yachts and speedboats and even sharks in the concrete water. You pull stunts with the biped driven 3d character. We constructed a set of walls so we could generate the levels on the fly from components. Also every one got a free pair of K-Swiss and 5 pairs on I have never gone back.

Inbox speedy santa 3D

Speedy santa was a game Inbox had created before I joined in 2005. I took it into 3D with shockwave. This was my first shockwave project  for inbox that went live. Its nothing over complicated but its quite good fun. It allowed me to push for more shockwave games at inbox and I had a good run of games in shockwave until AS3 just became too good.

Dodge caliber buzz

a Havok physics based mosquito game for dodge – sounds wierd- but its was pretty good fun. I always wanted to make a game from a flys perspective, since playing some really obscure game where you were a fly on my first pc. It was harder than i thought it would be.

Smirnoff czar roulette

really not a lot to this, but it took me back to my days of making online gambling games.

Fatface downhillduel

Inbox went out on a limb for me here, this was the first fairly complex client game that Inbox did in Shockwave 3D. And the budget for this game was fairly low. I really wanted to be building shockwave games and as a result of this game we built many more shockwave games over the next year of so. Again Havok based the cyclist would convert to ragdoll upon  crashing.

Web trends elfzapper

Thank you webtrends this was a strange one. The thing that sticks in my mind about this project is what Jez and i did with the lighting around the fire place. Would love to just build this game in Away3d these days.

Pringles kingkongjump

Mini betonsoldier

Dodge dodgeball

Dodge blockbreaker

AA coneblaster


  1. darrell
    May 7, 2013

    Quick question – you designed and developed Coneblaster yourself? I had been trying to get in touch with 20:20 about getting a quote for a similar project but as I can’t seem to get them I figured I would go straight to the source.

    I was hoping to email your through a very brief “Brief” to get an idea on outline costs to see if we’re both on the same wavelength and then take ti from there.


  2. Gaz
    May 7, 2013

    I think I made coneblaster in 2005 , pretty old flash game

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