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fayju ball

FAYJU BALL, is on the AppStore here
It is essentially a puzzle based ball rolling game. I love the accelerometer on the iPhone and making FAYJU BALL was an absolute must do activity. The screen acts like a window into the puzzle area if you turn the phone upside down the balls roll on the screen.I’m quite proud of this little game and Hal did some great work with the look and feel of the 3d and was much better at testing the levels than me. The tricky part was finding the time to create more levels and update it. this was my main problem with the development of this game, I love the game itself but creating new levels is not an easy process each time. Also it does not lend itself well to UGC if we have to create new models for each level set. Having said that there are definite possibilities for the sequel. For now I will start to look to get exposure for the game. It has had some good feedback so far with over 28 written reviews from purchasers all 4 s and 5 s. And oddly i still really enjoy playing it even though I have completed all the levels many times. That may be because it uses the phone for its best features.

A new set of levels if waiting almost ready for fayju ball, and i am excited about the levels moving in a slightly different direction. And with that release the lite version will be completely changed.

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