Ghosts Outtakes

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Ghost Out-takes are some old Director 3d lingo “mess ups”. The great thing about 3d work, especially when you are generating the model in code is that things don’t always go as planned. and down that road where things are not going as planned, if you push a little further you can come across some interesting things. With ghosts , a squidsoup project, this happened in a big way. We started building ghosts back in 2002 as part of a clarks digital bursary in the WaterShed in Bristol. It was a fun few days and the project that came out of it has been modified, changed and exhibited in different languages many times since, to a point where more recently I am thinking about making an iPad version, but thats another post. However every time I come back to look at ghosts I always find these screen grabs of “sculptures” that were made during the dev process when we were manipulating formula into the shapes that make the ghosts underlying structures.

Because Digital 3d Form is based on a very determined set of mathematical principles, experimenting visually with this “material” often leads down the same route of a kind of “ordered chaos” This ordered chaos, I think reflects very well on the human understanding of digital, in that everything we do or use we do not fully understand, we depend on structures and digital ecosystems that have been put in place for our use. Much like the real world :0) so thats why I love these pics, and am glad I kept hold of them.

the images

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